Swiss Property Resales

Terms and Conditions


By submitting your property details to us for publication you are indicating:

That you are the legal owner of the property with the sole right to sell.
That you agree to Swiss Property Resales publishing these details for you.
That the details supplied by you are true and accurate and not misleading in any way.


In respect of any property details or photographs submitted by you for publication, you confirm that you own full title to such details and /or photographs and you agree to grant a copyright license to Swiss Property Resales.

Note that you cannot use photographs from estate agent's particulars without their express permission - it is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have copyright over any materials supplied to us for publication on their behalf and you agree to indemnify Swiss Property Resales in respect of any claims against us or expenses incurred by us in respect of breach of copyright issues.

Photographs, images, property descriptions and all other site content displayed here are copyright of Swiss Property Resales and may not be reproduced without our written consent or used in any other advertisement or marketing.

Your Privacy and Security

Your personal details are held on a secure database and only those details you wish to be published are made available to our site visitors. We do not pass confidential customer information to any other organisations.

Property Descriptions

All property details supplied by owners to us must as far as possible be fair, honest and accurate. It is crucial that you are very careful and do not give misleading information in any way.

Except where stated, we do not take responsibility for the factual accuracy of the information you supply to us for publication.

We reserve the right to remove properties from the Swiss Property Resales web site and suspend all marketing and/or advertising activity where we know or believe the property description to be false or misleading.

Advertisement Alterations

If you wish to change any details of your advertisement please request the changes by email quoting your property reference number. We endeavour to make the changes within 3 working days of receiving your request.

Please be aware that there is a £45.00 administration fee for any alterations.

Advertising More than One Property

This website is purely for the use of property owners who wish to sell property privately. Our fees are charged per property. If more than one property is submitted using one option, Swiss Property Resales reserves the right to remove the details without offering a refund.

If you wish to advertise more than one property it is down to the discretion of the Company Management if a discount is to be offered.

Personal Websites

We have no objection if customers wish to refer to an additional personal web space address within our listings, for provision of additional photographs or information, subject to the following:

We offer to advertise your property information on our website; we do not offer to advertise any other service you may wish to use in connection with your marketing. The display of any website URL within our listings is subject to our absolute discretion and it is our policy to allow only URL's which are strictly personal /non-commercial.

Links to commercial domains or pages referencing estate agents or their websites are not permitted.

Property Enquiries

On the receipt of a property enquiry it is the responsibility of the property owner to answer any questions from interested buyers or to contact the interested persons to arrange a viewing if required.

Unless otherwise agreed, it is not part of the services provided by Swiss Property Resales to act as an Estate Agent or to carry out any functions other than to publish your property details within Swiss Property Resales or Swiss Property Sales website.

Refunds / Cancellation

No refund of our fees will be made once payment has been received and your property has been made live on our web site.

In the interests of clarity, all cancellation instructions must be provided in writing or via email. Verbal requests for cancellation cannot be accepted. We will then arrange to take your details off the website.

This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Keeping in Touch

Your property will be advertised on our website for six months.

If you wish to put your property on hold at any time please let us know and we will then re-submit your details whenever you are ready, at a cost of £50.00. Your property will then be advertised for the remainder of the initial six-month period.

We ask that you keep us informed of any offers received and in particular when contracts are exchanged, or where you wish to stop receiving responses to your advert from interested buyers.

This enables us to keep our site up to date and avoids wasting buyers' time. It is your responsibility to contact us if you wish to advertise your property after the first six-month period ends.

Swiss Property Resales reserves the right to remove any properties after the six-month advertising period has expired.

Limit of Liability

The maximum liability for any loss arising due to mistakes and/or negligence on the part of Swiss Property Resales will be limited to a sum equal to the original advertising fee received.


Unfortunately we cannot offer any guarantees on selling your property privately but we endeavour to continue to do our utmost to broaden your opportunities.

Interruption in Service

Swiss Property Resales makes every reasonable effort to ensure that our website facilities are available to Internet visitors and customers at all times. However, we do not offer any guaranteed percentage time of availability and accept no financial liability for any interruption in service or temporary loss of some or all website facilities at any time.

On occasion, necessary maintenance or upgrade work requires the site to be taken 'off-line' without notice, but we endeavour to keep downtime to a minimum. In most cases of scheduled maintenance, this normally takes no more than a few minutes.

Our website is hosted in a secure protected environment with excellent security, fire and backup measures in place and a very high level of service is anticipated.

Published Advice

Any advice published on the website is meant as a guide only. You should always consult the advice of a professional body when buying, selling, letting property or to discuss mortgages, surveyors and conveyancing.